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THE PUFFINS by SNAP-ELASTIC.                                                               Photo: Brian Hartley

‘...there is something so brave and lyrical about its attempt to confront young audiences with the reality of what we have done to the earth, while never totally abandoning hope…”
**** The Scotsman
The Puffins is a poignant new work of music theatre for ages 8 - 12 exploring friendship, communication and environmental destruction. 

Loosely based on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, “strikingly bold” female-led experimental theatre company Snap-Elastic have reimagined the absurdist classic for a younger, contemporary audience using clown, live music and movement.

Cast & co-creators // Alice Mary Cooper& Claire Willoughby
Director & co-creator / Eszter Marsalko
Composer / Daniel Padden

Lighting Designer / Laura Hawkins
Set and Costume Designer / Mamoru Iriguchi

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