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EAT ME BY SNAP-ELASTIC                                               Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

 EAT ME is a new piece of visual theatre about two women who use the dark web to find each other and together commit and act of “consensual” cannibalism.

Inspired by Han Kang’s ferocious domestic thriller, The Vegetarian, Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat, queer horror and Nordic Noir, EAT ME tells the story of two women who use the dark web to find one another and together commit an act of consensual cannibalism. 

EAT ME was created in association with Curious Seed, with support from Creative Scotland, Figurteateret i Nordland, Macrobert Arts Centre manipulate and Perth Theatre. 

EAT ME is also available as an arthouse live performance film, which was officially selected for the Prague International Film Festival and Kiez Berlin Film Festival where it won Best Experimental Film and an Honourable Mention respectively.


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