EAT ME is a new piece of visual theatre about two women who use the dark web to find each other and together commit and act of “consensual” cannibalism. Experimental, with a strong European and Scandinavian aesthetic, it explores the deep conflict between the personal and the public; between the urban landscape and wilderness, pleasure and taboo, and the loneliness and primal fear that emerges when these conflicts intensify.


Inspired by Han Kang's The Vegetarian , Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat, Nordic Noir, mythology and contemporary horror films, EAT ME rejects traditional depictions of the “damsel in distress” and the “femme fatal” to explore the dual manifestations of Prey and Predator within. 


EAT ME has been developed with support from Tron Theatre Creative, Manipulate Festival and Figurteatret  (Norway).

EAT ME will premiere at manipulate festival 2021 with funding from Creative Scotland and Nordland Visual Theatre, and additional support from Platform, Pitlochry Festival Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland.