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                                                                                              Photo: Audrey Bizouerne

Eszter Marsalko is a director working in performance and film.

Her work is characterised by genre-bending form, unusual aesthetic choices and a strong atmosphere. 

Eszter devises new, multi-disciplinary work from strong initial concepts within often unusual aesthetic parameters.

She develops these concepts collaboratively with a carefully selected and trusted group of creative collaborators.

Her work is very visual and aural, with strong influences from visual art, contemporary music and dance, film and nature. 


The work Eszter makes brings together different elements of our perception - visuals, sound, words, bodies. She strives to make Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art, because this is how she perceives life as well. Her work is focused on the macro and the universal: it links extremely specific and universal experiences, always looking for the possibility of human connection. 


Eszter also works as a dramaturg, bringing her natural sense of narrative, structure and balance to support a variety of creative projects. 



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